What is Berkeley Review of Education?

What is the Berkeley Review of Education? Do you need to know more about the site? You must have heard people talk about or read it from an educational site. The Berkeley review is an interdisciplinary peer-review journal that engages educational equity and diversity issues from various developmental, cognitive, linguistic, cultural, and social-historical perspectives. It is an online publication edited by students from the California education graduate school. The Berkeley science review promotes the submission of theories and research from emerging and senior scholars, policymakers, and practitioners.

The Berkeley Review of education accepts two major types of submissions. The full-length research can highlight the empirical research that applies different methodologies within education, social sciences, and humanity.

Theoretical research also presents a full-length study that highlights current directional research or contextualizes the previous studies related to the theoretical issues.

Critical focusing

Issues of equity and diversity are highly contested themes in educational research. The Berkeley Review of education ranking strives to analyze education practices and processes issues and promote critical awareness within and out of the school setup. Therefore, the review invites applicants to submit write-ups that explain the role of literacy and language in the political, social, and cultural education setup. It includes examining the inter-relationship between social, cognitive, and developmental processes of human experiences and knowledge.

The scope

The Berkeley Review of education aims to capitalize on researchers’ empirical and theoretical reviews from diverse disciplines and fields. The review promotes the scholar’s t make submissions that enhance the spanning of critical communication and wide scope in cultural studies, disability studies, anthropology, family studies, information studies, sexuality and gender, linguistic, women studies, psychology, and more. The publication invites submissions that forecast the critical approach to education and how the education system may look from within and among the traditional setup.

How to apply for peer review board UC Berkeley

Do you wish to make paper submission on the site? You can make your submission and contributions to the Berkeley review. The publication normally has accepted submissions twice a year. There two seasons for submission are September and April. You can quickly make an online submission on their website by clicking on the link for article submission.

Before you make your manuscript submission, you must first request the guidelines. You can make inquiries online by writing to the relevant email as indicated on their website.

The papers you submit are subjected to the double–bind peer-reviewing process. You receive notifications about your submission in time. The best part of this type of submission is that you retain the copywriter of your work after you make your article contribution.

The Berkeley review doesn’t accept material that is already published either on their site or any other place.


Berkeley is a reputable site for research publications and peer review. If you need to contribute to the site, you must open their website and read through their requirements. Remember, the site does not take work that is already published on their website or any other place. To make your submission, make a request and ensure you follow their submission guideline. There are two seasons for publication in a year.